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Smart Film

What is Smart Film?

Lida Smart Film is a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Film encapsulated between two layers of conductive inter layers that are Plastic substrates (PET) applied with conductive layers (ITO). Through the applied power control, the (PDLC) films can quickly change from clear (On) and opaque (Off). The pictures below are principle drawings of Smart Film. When the power of Smart Film is turned Off, the liquid crystal turn into scattering position and the micro reflective index of material is mismatched, resulting in the strong scattering effect, that leaves the Smart Film opaque. When the power is turned On to the Smart Film, the liquid crystals lines up and the reflective index do the same, then the scattering is sharply depressed, this changes the Smart Film from opaque to clear.

Working principle:

The smart film is mainly composed of two layers of PET-ITO conductive film and an intermediate liquid crystal film. The liquid crystal films mainly consist of liquid crystal droplets and outer polymer.

When the power is off, the inner liquid crystal droplets are arranged in disorder. When the parallel light passes through the polymer and illuminates the liquid crystal material, the refractive index of the liquid crystal droplets is lower than that of other outer polymers.

Light on the surface of liquid crystal droplets is diffusely reflected and scattered by the whole smart film into opaque, showing the effect of opaque grinding

When electrified, the two PET-ITO conductive films act as planar electrodes, so that the liquid crystal droplets are arranged orderly and perpendicular to the surface of the film, so that the parallel light is not reflected and refracted in the liquid crystal material layer, so that the light can pass through the whole smart film, and the smart film is transparent.

Product characteristics

  • 1.Privacy confidentiality (the greatest function of the smart electronic control film is the privacy protection function, which can control the transparency and opacity of the glass at any time)
  • 2.Projection function (Intelligent electronic control film can not only dimming, but also a very good hard screen projection, projection effect is very outstanding)
  • 3.Safety (with all the advantages of safety glass, including safety against splashing after rupture, good impact strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, ultraviolet radiation)

numerical value

  • Transmittance80%
  • UV shielding98%
  • Obstruct noise38%
  • response speed100%


Atomization state of smart film

Switchable smart film, just a simple touch to turn on and off.Privacy openness space all in control.Since and technology makes life so glorious.The Smart film is composed of two transparent conductive films with a plastic-liquid crystal core between them.

Transparent state of smart film

When the electric field is applied, the electric field is formed between the two transparent conductive films, and the liquid crystal molecules are arranged along the electric field direction. When the vertical incident visible light passes through the glass and the transparent conductive film and is incident to the liquid crystal sphere and the polymer interface.Turn on clear, keep life more funny.