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ITO Coated PET Film (PET-ITO)

As the typical flexible transparent conductive materilas, ITO coated PET film(PET-ITO) is usually produced by the method of megnetron sputtering, roll to roll process is introduced.

PET-ITO with low sheet resistance has been widely used in the research of flexible electrochromic devices, flexible perovskite solar cells, flexible organic solar cells or OPV, OLED, polymer dispersed liquid crystal film(PDLC Film), flexible transparent circuit board , printed electronics, et al.


ITO conductive film can be widely used in touch screen (resistance type, capacitive type), intelligent liquid crystal dimming film and other industries. Our company has two advanced automatic coating lines, the widest effective coating can reach 2.4 meters, ITO film annual output ranks the leading level in China, can be customized according to customer requirements of different width, different resistance value products.

The surface resistance has good uniformity, strong stability and high transmittance.

Advanced equipment

Our company has a number of German Leibo composite machines and coating production lines, ITO conductive film surface resistance uniform, strong stability, transmittance, fog, chromaticity and other indicators have reached the world's advanced level.

Strict quality control

The main raw materials of our company are all imported, and strict performance tests are carried out in the early stage of production.

Dustless workshop

Our company ensures that the products can be produced in a clean environment. The cleanliness of some products can reach up to 100.

Quality assurance

With many well-known domestic glass and related manufacturers to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relations, products through market testing.
ITO conductive film can be widely used in touch screen (resistive, capacitive), intelligent liquid crystal dimming film and other industries.

T83 ITO PET Testing Report