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Smart Glass Application

Attend 2018 German Glasstech show
Self-adhesive Smart Film Installation Precautions

Smart Glass is a liquid crystal composite membrane into two layers of glass, After high temperature and high pressure agglutination mono-assembly of the sandwich structure of new type special photoelectric glass products.?Users by controlling the current on and off to control the glass transparent and opaque.

Smart glass based on the liquid crystal molecules attached to the ITO substrate.?Pervious to light on the edge of the electrode is introduced into current, by changing the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules, turning on the power supply and control of the glass is transparent or not.?Glass is free to switch that move light space appear a gender.?It is a can do remote control curtains, privacy protection.

Business Application

Monitoring room office, conference room, business negotiation, etc, can be adjusted for which were transparent state, when needed, as long as gently press the remote control, can let the entire area from the surrounding eyes blurred out completely


Medical institutions Application:

Can replace the curtain, a partition function and privacy protection, security, solid sound insulation noise elimination, the benefits of more environmentally clean not pollution, for medical staff and patients to remove concerns and psychological pressure.

Home Application:

Under normal situation.?Turn it to the transparent state, keep bright lighting.?Under Optional condition, To maintain security, adjustable to opaque, but still have the sunshine can close, kill two birds with one stone.

Projection screen?Application:

Smart glass projection screen” The transparent state can display background adornment picture, Or as a meeting room walls of glass.??Opaque state alternative imaging the curtain, and the characteristics of the more clear picture.?In this way, broke the traditional monopoly on the surface of the concrete function, and realize multiple functions.