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Answering 9 top FAQs about solar films

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What are the benefits of window tint?

There are almost too many benefits to list. ?Not only does window film add a beautiful finish to any glass surface, it provides an unbeatable protection from the harmful effects of the sun. ?It provides up to 99% UV blockage and up to 78% Total Heat Rejection which will greatly reduce the damage to your car or home’s interior. You will also notice reduced energy costs.

Is window tinting difficult?

The basics of window tinting are not difficult if instructed properly, but like with anything there are the “tricks of the trade” which are learned with practice and conversing with other tinters. ?Most of the difficulties will be found in automotive tinting which requires a little more practice than residential / commercial flat glass tinting. Our staff is more than happy to help get you started and help you through the tough spots. Welcome to visit our factory for training.

How do I tint my car?

If you are a first time tinter, it is highly recommended that you have an experienced tinter either help you or have them do it.

How do I tint my home or business?

About the basics of tinting a home or business. The one thing to remember on tinting a home or business is, when you cut your pattern, make sure you have the clear film liner facing the window. Although a residential glass appears to be perfectly square, it almost never is.If you cut the film with the liner facing you, it more than likely will not fit right when you flip it over and apply it to the window. For more detailed instructions on tinting residential and commercial glass, give us a call.

How do I remove old tint?

The best solution for removing old tint is a product called Tint Off.

What makes the film that lidapetfilm.com sells better than some of the cheaper brands I’ve found?
Lida?only carries the highest quality films all backed by unbeatable warranties. Our films are also all made with a scratch resistant layer treated with a UV inhibitor which reduces scratching and fading. Higher quality tint means happier customers.

Is there a tint that provides privacy day and night for my home or business?

During the day, but not at night. There are ways to limit the visibility such as turning the lights off inside at night or installing blinds. If your goal is to be able to see out at night, but not have people see in, unfortunately, I haven’t seen a film yet that will do this. Window film is only reflective on the side that the light is on.

Can I use dark automotive tint on my home or business windows?

Not Recommended. Applying a dark, charcoal or black colored tint to a double paned glass can blow the seals on the glass which will cause window fogging. Large commercial windows that directly face the sun and are not tempered, have been known to crack due to high heat absorption. ?I only recommend residential / commercial film for these types of applications.If you are considering any non-reflective film for this type of application, please call us so we can discuss your best options.

Are the films scratch resistant?

Yes. This is not even a option. Window films without a scratch resistant hard coat have little value.